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Let It Go. (Sorry.)
be happy

The sun is SHINING, you guys. And it's WARM. Well, almost.


We're going outside. I know. Daring.


We've got until Sunday to enjoy this nice weather, and then it's back to damp and chilly for a bit. So, until then, I'm going offline.


I'm not sharing this information because y'all are going to be missing me five minutes from now and wondering where I went. I'm not posting this because three days offline is some kind of heroic feat. No big life lessons here.


Just this simple encouragement, a few days out from Spring, for us all to do a bit of spring cleaning in our own day-to-day. I have some awesome, inspiring, supportive, encouraging, hilarious communities of friends on Facebook - distant family, mama friends, brothers and sisters in the Lord - many of whom I only have contact with via Facebook. I also have a tendency to check in on that newsfeed a bit too often.


So, from now until Sunday, for me there'll be no Facebook scrolling, no Instagram sharing, no Pinterest birthday party planning. Just living. In the moment.


It takes longer than three days to break a habit - but it's a good start. I've had numerous conversations with other mamas about sleep training lately, and in teaching a baby to settle it's often the third night that's the breakthrough.


So why not? There's still time to have a breakthrough now, while it's still winter. Yours doesn't have to be social media-related, but I'm sure there's something - habit, fear, lack of motivation - that's dragging you down and holding you back from making your Today completely awesome.


Let's make like the blond chick and Let It Go. Kick that habit. Face that fear. Get up and do what you couldn't be bothered doing. Punch today in the face.


And then give it a big hug, and share an ice cream.


Let's do this. We've all got much to live for.


I'm off to blow bubbles and play trains and draw dinosaurs and frolic in the sunshine with these bonces.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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