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Baby Steps

We're all taking them, every day.


... is so dramatic.

For example:
Owen grabs TV remote, gives cheeky grin.
Mummy: "No, Owen," (quietly and calmly; puts remote away).

And oh, the dribbly, snotty, red-faced, trembly aftermath. Melts my heart, and all is immediately forgiven.
Little tyrant. a bit of a nudist.

And loves that red chair. so close to walking - and yet so far.

He's doing the one-handed stroll-around. And the two-step lunge from coffee table to parent. And the occasional spot of forgetful unsupported-standing.

He could do it, if he tried.

He's just keeping us guessing. It's delicious.

... is a nature lover.

The garden is his happy place.

First thing in the morning, he's pointing out the back, trying to say "garden". During breakfast, he's gazing out there, pointing and commenting excitedly when he sees a bird. And if the back door's open for a moment, he's out there.
Poking things.
Climbing some more.

Being cute.

... is a bookworm.

He's become so independent. This sociable little boy, who used to follow me around the house because he just wanted to be near people, will now take himself off to his room for a lengthy "reading" session.

His favourite is a lift-the-flaps books about cars and trucks that make noises.
Ellie took it from him once. He pulled her hair.

We love watching him develop this love for books; another little common thread wrapped around our small family.

Also, it keeps him out of mischief for a good five-ten minutes at a time. such a funny boy.

He'll be crawling along, and then suddenly he'll drop to the ground, head down, legs out, pop his arms down and just... stop.

And then the leg will kick, and he's up and off again.

He started doing it when he was particularly tired, and that was pretty cute. Now he'll do it when he's just had enough of crawling for the moment, and that's stinkin' adorable.
The leg-kick kills me.

...chews plastic steak that looks like run-over poo.

Okay, so that was one time. But still.

...does, in fact, have his peaceful moments.

The quiet sit-down on someone's lap; the leisurely stroller-ride around the shops; the pause to draw breath in the midst of all his crawling, climbing, opening, pulling, emptying, dismantling, shouting, sister-tormenting chaos - it's so precious when it comes. Doubly so for the contrast with what comes before and after.

Eye of the storm. A sweet, cuddly, warm little place to be. And a good opportunity to regroup for whatever's next.


She... a little mama.

She saw a picture online of a little girl wearing an awesome imitation Ergo baby carrier, and was intrigued.
I googled them.
And had a zillion more pressing uses for sixty bucks.

But what I did have was five minutes, four safety pins, two dress belts and a teatowel.
Looks authentic, no?

Ellie was pretty impressed.

...has witnessed the end of an era.

Granma took her to see the Wiggles' last concert.
She loved it.

"Did you have a good time, Ellie?"
"Yeah. Jeff was asleep, and we had to wake him up, or he would've missed the show!"
"How did you wake him up?"
"We shouted very loud." (Thinks.) "I didn't shout. Granma did, a bit. But not too bad."

When did my little girl get so grown up? She came home looking so much older and more independent.

It's awesome.

...really, really likes balloons.

Anyone else find their three year old accumulates balloons at a slightly alarming rate?

Also, balloon animals may start off all cute and impressive, but a week later they're looking pretty freakish.

Ellie loved this puppy.

...gets her artistic streak from Daddy.

She excitedly fetched us from the kitchen to come and see what she'd done.
She'd drawn Owen, holding a flower.

Is it weird that I teared up a little? I vote "not".



...can be bought off with a bag of prawn crackers.

Handy to know.

At the end of an epic shopping day, involving a lot of Christmas present purchases and a lot of me pushing the twin stroller from one end of the shopping centre to the other and back again - and back again... we'd had enough.

Grocery shopping time, kiddies!

Thank goodness for that Chinese place tucked around the back of the escalators. Those prawn crackers had just the right amount of chewiness to them, to keep dem kids quiet for the few minutes it took me to zap around the supermarket stuffing produce in around Ellie's legs so we wouldn't have to walk at her pace.

Thank you, China.

...have adventures together.

Because, let's face it, anyone can spend their days climbing the rockery. But doing it with your big sister? Or having the audience of little brother?

Much more fulfilling.

I love that they love this.

And yes, I'm a sucker; I bought her another IKEA puppy. So now "Puppy" the labrador has a new friend: Deagle the Beagle.
Her naming skillz be improving.

 ...treat me to THIS, once a year.

This year, Christmas shopping.
Last year, Christmas shopping.

Thank you. That's all I have to say, is thank you, my little dumplings.

Last year, they fell asleep while I was waiting to order my lunch. That was a nice, peaceful lunch.
Needless to say, this year when I noticed they were both off I executed an immediate about-turn and took myself off for another nice, peaceful cafe lunch, during which I was able to actually notice what I was eating for the first time in fifty-two weeks.

Ahhhh. Much better.



...will be moving, soon.

...still don't have an official date.

...are sorting, packing, contacting, applying, praying, waiting, hoping, trusting

And in the meantime, enjoying the He and the She and the They and the We.
We're blessed already.

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