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Double. (CYABM 7&8)

Greetings. How are your preparations going for the upcoming apocalypse on Friday? That should be fun. And embarrassing for quite a lot of people on Saturday.

Anyway, if you've got a minute in between wrapping Christmas presents and stocking up on canned goods and creating a zombie-proof barricade around your home, it's time for some more of:

Day 7 brings you advice in one word: Multitask.

More? Okay.

Now, when we're busier than ever, it's especially helpful to find ways to knock off two to-dos in one. Going to fetch something? Take something with you that needs to be put away; don't leave a room empty-handed, unless the room you're leaving is weirdly perfect. Other examples of everyday multitasking:

Walking to the shops instead of driving = exercise + shopping trip. Also, it wears out the little folk so hopefully you'll have some peace when you get home. I am currently loving this.

Prep lunch while you're putting those groceries away. Saves time and effort putting everything away just to get it all out again later. My kids' sandwiches are very rarely made at lunchtime - they're usually made and boxed up in the fridge during breakfast cleanup, or in a quiet moment after Owen goes for his nap.

Wipe down the counters, or wash those three random items in your sink, or put dishes away, while waiting for the kettle to boil. Then treat yourself to a smug cuppa.

Direct your small child in the collecting and disposing of manky fallen fruit in the garden while you're pegging out the washing. Bonus points for this one: you're doing laundry, AND entertaining your child, AND tidying the garden, AND taking in your daily requirement of Vitamin D (also known as "working on your tan). Booyah.

Or, you could try what I saw one mama attempting at the shops yesterday: talking on the phone, carrying a coffee, putting her purse away, pushing a stroller (with her elbows), window shopping, and doing that wriggle that makes your pants temporarily stop annoying you. All at the same time.

Now that's multitasking.

Here's another one: writing two blog posts at the same time.

Nice segue. On to Day 8.

Tip of the day: Don't Move House In January.

Honestly, as if the silly season isn't silly enough - ours is full of house applications and half-filled cardboard boxes and not knowing where we'll be in a month. And this isn't the first time - we did this two years ago, too. You'd think we'd learn. Maybe one day.

And if you decide to ignore this advice, and you discover, a week before Christmas, while your husband's away for four days for the second week in a row and your kids are weirdos (oh wait, that part's all the time), that someone's coming IN TWO DAYS to take photos of your house to post on the internet...

Do this.

"Bits" boxes. One for each room.

Those kids can't be trusted to not eat [/ feed each other] chalk, let alone keep a room tidy or keep their sticky digits off the glossy dark furniture for more than twelve seconds. And so, my little bit of "relax, mama" magic. I clean the house over the next couple of days, and I don't lose my mind over the constantly regenerating mess of toys and discarded clothes and inexplicable bits of stuff these little whirlwinds tend to leave in their wake.

When Photo Lady comes we walk into a room, I throw all the stuff into the box allocated to that room, I shift it out of the way, and we take the photo. When she's gone, I put everything away, or pack it for the move.

Ixnay on the eaking out...fray.

I'm guessing some version of this would also work for news of other last-minute visitors. Just have a good cupboard/shed/car/neighbour's house to stuff all those boxes into, if you care about more than the photos. Personally, I have more mess-making children than I have tidy-making adults currently residing in my house, plus the place isn't actually all that bad anyway, plus whatever. So I'm cool with "Hey lady, nice camera; here are my lovely kids, here's my nice photogenic house, here are my boxes o' kid-mess."

I give people the benefit of the doubt a lot. It makes me happy. So, I'm assuming she'll understand. Or at least fake it real good.

Anyway. Gotta go clean windows and attempt to spy on my daughter's enormously entertaining over-the-fence conversations with Friend Next Door.

Enjoy your day!

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