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Livin' The Dream...

When we moved in here, I remarked to one of our friends, "Look, we've got a walk-in robe! We're like grown-ups!!"

And then proceeded to mistreat said walk-in like a surly teenager.

After procrastinating having more important things to do for the last month or so, yesterday a bubble of inspiration wiggled to the top and went "pop!" inside me, and sent me fizzing in the direction of the walk-in robe. My section thereof, anyway. (In other words, waaay too many boxes. Plus some very chaotic shelves where I swore I wouldn't "just dump things"...). One afternoon of sleeping toddler and doll-mothering girlie later... Ahhhh.

So nice to have a walk-in robe I can actually walk into. You know, instead of, for example, this:


When we packed to move here, I used one suitcase for my "wear all the time" clothes; the rest went into boxes. The idea was that that suitcase would tide me over for the first few chaotic days. I highly recommend this - but with a word of warning. When you've unpacked that one suitcase of clothing, along with the rest of the contents of an entire house, you will look at that small spread of clothes and re-evaluate how long they will last you. You'd be surprised how long you can survive on not many clothing options, when the alternative is to unpack more boxes.

For me, it was nearly six weeks. Handy to know.

I believe part of my inspiration to just get it done came from this site, in which I finally found what I'd been looking for, inspiration-wise: the notion of shelf dividers. This sounds like such a simple thing, but it should come accompanied by bright lights and confetti and the sound of at least three trumpets. Shelf dividers!!! Of course!!!

And so, because I'm impatient trying to be frugal, I set about making my own.


Skirts, jumpers, woolies, cardies.
Bags, pants, shorts, tops & t-shirts, singlets.
In case you were wondering.

Oh, it may not be pretty... but it's organized. I used cardboard boxes to separate genres of clothing, and in one spot a plastic lid served as an extra divider to keep two piles of tops from merging into one mountain of tops. It works. It'll be easy to change things around as the seasons change. And it makes putting things back neatly a very easy thing.

So there's less chance of it reverting back to this:

Remember? From just before? Auggh, the horror!

So now, here we are at this:

3 stackable baskets - el cheapo from Kmart, Stockland Wendouree - looking after our hats, beanies, etc; subject to change.
Scarves-and-belts hanger - from IKEA, Adelaide - awesome for all my, you know... scarves. And belts.
Shoe storage: funky sneakers etc (biggest box, IKEA), fine selection of uggies (next to it, Big W), heels & other strappy nonsense (smaller IKEA box), extensive thong collection (they're FLIP-FLOPS, Mum!; pantry organizer basket, Big W).

Ahhhh. Lovely. Lift your game, husband.

An important matter to note is there is now a box on the top shelf (on top of my wedding dress box), marked "Maternity Clothes". Because:
(a) I decided it was time to stop filling up my wardrobe space with items of clothing that are mega comfy but not exactly necessary - or flattering - right now, and
(b) contrary to what Ellie is telling people, I am not about to give birth to her baby sister. Or baby twins. Or any kind of baby at all, actually. Seriously. The checkout lady congratulated me last week. It's all lies; an elaborate three-year-old's hoax.

Look at that face. "Would I lie to you? Also, Mummy, check out my new Princess Shoes. They totally fit me."

Couple more organizey things coming up next post (soon, my pretties... soon...) - including my new-and-improved office space. And the partial secret to my new-and-improved get-up-and-go...ness.

For now, I'm off to revel in the brand new walk-in quality of my our walk-in robe.

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