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Krumping in the Kitchen... whatever that means

I think life is meant to be fun.

I'm enjoying being more organized these days - partly because I've discovered how satisfying it can be, and partly because with these two little nutcases in our busy life, I've gotta be either organized or hiding in a cupboard.

And most days, I'm doing pretty well. Up early? Mostly. Planning ahead? Mostly. Staying on top of what needs to be done? Mostly... (Right, Liam?)

But we all have those days. You know, the ones where you start out feeling behind and just can't seem to catch a break. The ones where you know what you could be doing, but just can't motivate yourself to get started. The ones where you can't even get your head around what needs to be done, let alone start anything. Don't be thinking you're a weirdo (and don't be looking at me like I'm a weirdo either, thank you very much) - we ALL have them.

Unless you never do. In which case, maybe you're the weirdo...


When those days strike (and boy, do they ever), I've found a way out. I've found a reset button, so to speak.

Turn up dem beats. Everybody in the kitchen. And... dance. As ridiculously as possible.

(Okay, it doesn't have to be in the kitchen...)

I kid you not, being a big goof and pretending to my kids that I've got awesome moves, just for a few minutes, is the most energizing and motivating thing, and a total mood-changer. This morning Pandora hit me with Two Shoes and a Nosebleed Section, and I was ready to boogie forth and DO ALL OF THE THINGS!!!!!

I think there is space in every week for dancing in the kitchen like a mad thing to your favourite music - whether alone or with loved ones who think you're crazy but are having fun anyway - whether to music expertly selected by Psychic Pandora (it knows me so well!) or in relative silence to the songs in your head.

(Or maybe in front of your mirror. Door-snake-monkey-tail optional.)

Absolutely, there are other ways to motivate and lift yourself out of an off-day slump. And some of those ways are better, and certainly more edifying, than music. Pray. Spend quiet time with the Word. Go for a walk. Write it out. Preserve fruit. Whatever. I'm not promoting this as the best. It's not all I do. But dude. It's fun.

And I think life is meant to be fun.

Sure, I know there are serious bits. There are things that need to be done, things to be dealt with, bills to pay, laundry to... launder...

And sometimes the big things happen; the things that stop us in our tracks, making us catch our breath and stand outside our normal day-to-day and wait... until, sooner or later, we're ready to draw breath again.

I'm not playing those things down.

We all know what "bleak" looks like. Worn down by daily grind; dealing with loss; staring down seemingly insurmountable obstacles; disappointed, aimless, weary... We've all seen bleak.

But joy is the antithesis of bleak. It's okay to see the bleak times, but just know they're not forever. For all the grey days, there will be days of bursting colour. Because life is not all easy, but it's all got good in it. Life is full to the brim with emotion and experience and wonder, like some big fancy light-and-sound show that doesn't stop til it's all done.

And it's not done yet - not right now.

The time will pass, whatever you do. And meanwhile, there are things to be done. But it doesn't have to be bleak. It doesn't have to feel like work.

Life is meant to be fun.

We all work better with a joyful heart. And we all need to recharge.
So how about spending some of that time doing what brings you joy?

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